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Handmade Moroccan Rug - Moroccan Area Rug 5.1ft x 3.9ft

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SIZE: 157cm x 120cm = 5.15ft x 3.93ft

SIZE: 152cm x 120cm = 5ft x 3.93ft

SIZE: 156cm x 107cm = 5.15ft x 3.5ft

A Handmade Moroccan rug always adds a unique touch to your home decor. Moroccan Rugs usually impress the guests when they come in to the place. This awesome hand-woven is made 100% natural wool using the hand knotting technique by Moroccan women-crafts.


100% Natural Wool



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Care Instructions

• Please use the vaccum cleaner to clean your rug regularly.
• Please choose a sunny day and take your rug outside. Then, hang it over a clothesline and use the rug beater and hit your rug to shake out the dirt.

• When it comes to mud, do not clean it immediately. Let it dry first. Then, it will be easy to clean.

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